Eco Hostel

We are the first ecological hostel in Valparaíso and we have a pioneer Sustainability Policy in the city. Our goal is to become carbon a neutral hostel. We have been gradually implementing a set of measures to achieve it: we currently separate our wastes, we do compost and the showers are heated by solar panels. Plus, we employ low-consumption light bulbs, our furniture is made of recycled wood and we prefer to work with local and organic producers. Nómada Eco Hostel has a partnership with the NGO Valpo Interviene, that help us to recycle cans, plastic, glass, batteries, oil and paper.

Apart from the environment, our philosophy has a second tenet: local culture. In our vision Sustainability also means that one’s business model must have a positive impact in its own local community. For that reason, we always keep our doors opened to neighbors, who want to send us their residential recycled wastes. Moreover, we greet from elementary to university students, who want to get to know our experience as an ecological business. We don’t want to be the ecological hostel, but rather we are looking forward to be an ecological hostel in an ecological Valparaíso. We humbly try to do our bit from our little house. Last but not least, we invite everyone to know and to give us ideas on how to improve our Sustainability Policy.

eco paneles in nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Solar panels
iluminacion led nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability LED lights and energy saving light bulbs
wather reducer nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Water flow reducer/water saving technology
low flow wather nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Low flow aerators
sink with swich nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Water faucets with time switch
recicling point in nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Recycling point: plastic, aluminium, glass, carton, oil and batteries
composting in nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Compost bin for organic waste
verticals orchards in nomada hostal valparaiso sustainability Herb garden

Please check our Sustainability Policy here (in Spanish) and the Code of Conduct for Responsible Tourist here.